There’s a world of difference between theater as performance and theater as therapy.

Open Letter to Drama and Experiential Therapists

My name is Nancy Harkrider. I am a child abuse survivor, now a thriver.

I have written a movie script based on a true story of four women who share the collateral damage of abusive childhoods, acting with extraordinary humanness and bravery in search of their path to wellness.

This process has been immersive, powerful and, best of all, redemptive.  My vision for the manuscript goes beyond seeing it on the big screen.

Because I was in group therapy for three years, and it was my salvation, I feel in my bones that the screen play could be useful.

My intent is to provide the screen play free to mental health professionals who work with women survivors of child sexual abuse. A majority of the scenes are grounded in drama or experiential therapy sessions, each with its own theme.

I have shared the concept with supporters, some of them therapists, who agreed the idea has potential. Before we go any further, we will be organizing focus groups and individual interviews to help us understand your needs and to benefit from your wisdom.

We invite you to explore this website to discover how it supports the Thriver Sisterhood movement.

Please feel free to contact us directly or visit our blog.  If you are interested in how our Drama Therapy project can help your clients, we would be delighted to discuss how it might work for you.

“Thriver Sisterhood is a powerful, masterfully crafted story of profound redemption.  Gritty, yet inspirational characters take you on a journey of the heart; you will laugh with them, cry with them, and triumph with them as they bring beauty into the darkest corners of the human experience.”

Christina Conoy, Child Abuse Advocate, Artist, illustrator for Thriver Sisterhood

“The Thriver Sisterhood is the start of a movement: one that inspires and empowers women to unite in our healing, reclaim our whole selves, celebrate our strengths, and live our lives to the fullest. Bravo!!”

Dr. Carol Remz, author of Best Ever Sex After Menopause