Recently my two-year granddaughter demonstrated what she had learned at her nursery school, emphasizing by pointing her finger and yelling STOP! NO! MINE! I was stunned! Imagine the difference for all of us who were abused as children if we … Continued

Holding Our Breathe Too Long

Because of my history of child abuse, my brain is hot wired for terms like Flashbacks. This one was a story written by a doctor. What I read made my knees weak. His patient was being treated for a curable … Continued

The Eyes Have It

I had a dramatic breakthrough recently while I was touring the French countyside where I was struck by a picture my partner captured of me over dinner. The image behind me is one of the wives of the Dukes of Burgundy, … Continued

Anxiety Is The Ghost of Our Sexual Abuse

Those of us who were scarred by sexual abuse are haunted by anxiety attacks. It happened to me when I was on camera narrating a video I had produced. With camera’s rolling, I found myself looking at the camera lens … Continued

Is Revenge Ever Justified?

I seriously doubt if any sexual abuse survivor hasn’t fantasied about what she would do to her monster if she could get away with it. Is revenge against our abusers ever justified?  I struggled with this question while I was writing … Continued

We all have stories

Abuse stories we tell each other, and ourselves, define who we are and what we are becoming. They either play out as our redemptive paths or find us lost in our ‘panic forest’. For my entire life, I could have … Continued