What does performance art have to do with Drama Therapy?

Drama Therapy has been developed to meet that basic human need for emotional connection. Because of the unique properties of theatre, this technique is being used very successfully as a form of counseling for getting at the roots of human pain, allowing clients to then benefit from cognitive therapy as they gain self-awareness. These drama therapists are supported by graduate programs including Concordia and NYU as well as the North American Drama Therapy Association

Our team has been excited to find diversity, depth and creativity among drama therapy practitioners, as well as experiential therapists, who are thinking outside the box, using dialogue, as well as guiding clients to create their own short play scripts and innovative play therapy for adults.  We discovered one drama therapist in Seattle who wrote a play as a therapeudic tool, so well received, that it toured for over three years!

Theater has such an obvious connection to the emotions that it can awaken people in a way no other medium can

Marilyn Chris, an actress who works with CANY, an independent program of theater workshops in New York City

RachelIn our Thriver Sisterhood screen play, Rachel, the therapist for the sisterhood, uses a blended approach with remarkable success. Her hot button is the damaging inaccuracies about child abuse by the media.  Always the consummate therapist, Rachel is calm, centered and known for her intuitive facilitator skills based and her deep knowledge of women who were abused as children. She sees herself as an earth mother who is adept at sensing when survivors are ready for a breakthrough.

She reminds us: “if you use the power of imagery for anxiety and flashbacks, you can retrain your brain and begin to heal”


Thriver Sisterhood is our gift to women who bear the scars of childhood sexual abuse and to the dedicated, creative drama and experiential therapists who help these women thrive.