How you can use the Thriver Sisterhood manuscript

Possibilities are rich for personalizing the script  to your counseling style and the needs of your clients.

As a part of bringing the screen play to life, your clients can chose Thriver Sisterhood characters they identify with or choose Hollywood actresses they would like to see play the character roles, making the experience more real, and possibly more safe, for clients.

The key difference in the original script and the script you will work from is that you will replace the role of Rachel, the counselor

Your clients can use scenes sequentially, with dramatic client participation. One therapist suggested you could encourage your clients to write their own scenes, based on the Sisterhood characters. Another recommended letting clients write their own ending to the screen play.

The possibilities are endless and we are excited to collaborate with you!

Our blog will feature the themes that need to be addressed in order to thrive. They include:

  • Guilt and Shame
  • Anxiety
  • Revenge
  • Set Backs and Resolution
  • Steady Forward Progress
  • Reclaiming Sexuality
  • Dramatic Breakthroughs
  • Trust Building Goddess Rituals

As the project matures and we can validate its success,  we will consider more avenues for using Thriver Sisterhood to help women move forward with their lives including our vision to collaborate with a theater to stage Thriver Sisterhood as a play, then record it and make it widely available.

We also envision having screen writers who volunteer to empower your clients to write their own scenarios.

And this could be an ideal research project for a graduate student.


We will send you a numbered electronic copy of the manuscript. You will be free to duplicate all or parts of the manuscript for use in your therapy sessions, collecting them at the end of your sessions and committing not to share them without permission.

We are available to be the “guide on the side” where you need it.

We will host a FB closed group page where you can exchange ideas and share your stories with other therapists, an opportunity we hope you will take advantage of.

Even if our offer is not for you right now, please pass this on to others.

And thank you for being evangelists for women who are hurting!!

To the healing power of sisterhood