Drama Therapy: Our Proposal Offer to Therapists

I am giving away my Thriver Sisterhood manuscript to therapists working with women abused as children because therapy saved my life. That transformational experience has made it possible for me to become a thriver. Because I am not willing to wait for Thriver Sisterhood, the movie, to have my story help other women, I have an offer for you.

Nancy Harkrider, Screen Writer and Founder of The Thriver Sisterhood Initiative

We are in this together

We all believe that childhood traumas can be addressed with the skillful blend of  drama, experiential, and cognitive therapies. For many of us sisterhood can be the glue that allows us to become thrivers.

Let’s have a conversation, the best way to begin to build trust. We can then offer you some personalized ways that our screen play can be a valuable tool. And as  other therapists sign on, you will benefit from our closed FaceBook page, because shared experiences get our creative juices flowing.

One of many drama driven projects that inspire us

A Story within the Story

Yehudit Silverman is committed to the arts as a method for inquiry, creative expression, therapy, and social change. She combines her therapeutic and artistic skills to create evocative documentaries to raise awareness about challenging subjects.

Yehudit received a 2014 Curriculum Innovation Award for developing the first blended and online course in creative arts therapies.

In her celebrated film, six people embark on journeys of profound self-discovery by immersing themselves in self-selected and personally meaningful myths or fairy tales. This film takes us through the stages of an original and dynamic approach to the creative arts therapies and is a moving testament to the power of creativity. http://www.yehuditsilverman.com/