Building our Spiritual Home

The phrase follow the music home has been tapping a rhythm on my heart.

I have realized that home is not the physical place we live. And it does not protect us from harm. For those of us abused as children, home was a house of horrors.

I have discovered a way to go to my spiritual home every night where I make meaning of my day. As I close my eyes, I feel myself floating inside a magical tent. My four goddesses sit at the corners of that glowing canopy, where I ask questions and they share their wisdom.

They agree that lighting the fire in our own hearts is the only way we can find our true path and that is by sharing it with other women.

Rituals ground us, give us flight and carry us home to our true abode.

May joy and learning accompany each of you on your journey home and may the force be with you.

Thriver Sisterhood

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