Holding Our Breathe Too Long

Because of my history of child abuse, my brain is hot wired for terms like Flashbacks. This one was a story written by a doctor. What I read made my knees weak.

His patient was being treated for a curable medical condition. Imagine the doctor’s amazement when he queried his patient about emergency room visits he was not aware of. The patient calmly described the ER visits were because she had attempted suicide twice since her last doctor’s visit.

The suicide attempts could have been fueled by Flashbacks associated with sex abuse she experienced decades ago. The patient’s and her husband’s level of denial was frightening. It was like the patient had been holding her breath for over 30 years.

And my reaction to this news story?

I paced the floor concerned for a woman I didn’t know but understood. I had my first Flashbacks before thousands of viewers on a television show I was moderating.

Talk about bad timing! But it set me on a wellness path, made possible with friends and family having my back. Like the news story about the patient who was in denial, I had been unconsciously holding my breath for decades.

I have sent an email to the news editor with a request to pass it on in to the doctor who wrote the news story. It may be too late for his patient.

When someone talks about taking their life, and then attempts it, take them seriously!

And let’s all stop holding our breath.

Breath in for yourself and out for the blessing of being alive.

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