Let’s Hold It—Together

  • An old expression with a new twist

    -There’s a lot happening in our culture that is hard to hold.

-Disclosure of sexual abuse and negligence at the Boy Scouts.

-Children continuing to be separated from their families and detained in unsafe and unhealthy environments.

-Mass shootings.

-An increasingly public and violent surge of white supremacy.

It’s a lot to hold. It impacts us as survivors of child sexual abuse and survivors’ loved ones, as there are triggers of our own abuse and our culture’s response, as well as an awareness of just how much work is left to create a culture that values, respects, protects, and empowers children.

So let’s hold it—together.

This is different than what our culture tells us to do: hold it together. When we hold it together, we often wind up trying to hold our feelings at bay so we can do. So we can be. So we can survive.

From our friends at OAASIS http://oaasisoregon.org and supporting what they do

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