Our Imaginations Can Make Us Resilient

Our new reality is based on frightening unknowns. That has always been the case, but we are now faced with issues we can’t wrap our brains around, much less dealing with the messiness of our emotions.

The author Dan Zadra reminds us that worrying is a sad use of our imagination! And that worry can pull us into a vortex of anxiety, where our logical brain promptly shuts down. At an unconscious level, it’s as though we need to prove to ourselves and to others that we take issues seriously.

I am proposing we feed our brains with what is precious to us, easy to
access instantly and makes our hearts sing by allowing our minds to focus on things that make us joyful. This is the only place resilience can take hold and we are all going to need that resilience to  survive

When I find myself tilting toward anxiety, I pick a joyful scenario from my life, close my eyes and feel the scene deeply. These vivid images don’t have to be happening in our present. They only need to be precious to us.

Here is my current list
1. The gentle touch of my lover’s hand
2. The smell of newly bathed babies
3. The “blue hour”, that time of day that signals peacefulness
4. My friend Lora’s laugh that makes my day sing
5. The eagle outside my window who acknowledges me
6. The magic of my night time ritual that lulls me to sleep

What’s on your list?

4 Responses to “Our Imaginations Can Make Us Resilient”

  1. Lora Schachtili says:

    Well done, Nancy! William Arthur Ward once penned this saying, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” I think as adults we forget how our imaginations took us places. Sometimes that creative piece needs to be awakened.
    I believe finding and identifying what brings us joy can inspire us to move on to different ways of being.

  2. Debra Samuel says:

    Moments of joy sustaining me now…

    – dancing barefoot at sunset in the park
    – contemplating the clouds and basking in the sun breaks on long, aimless walks
    – standing “in the storm of the bird-cherry tree…all leaflike and starshower, unerring, self-shattering power – And it was all aimed at me”…just as in Osip Mandelstam’s poetry
    – my housemate’s husband singing “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” to his son while making him pancakes
    – the smell of wisteria blooming
    – my loved one’s hugs

  3. Looking forward to our blog partnership as we dance through possibilities for a world that needs new horizons. I can close my eyes and see you relishing your special joys, using them to spread your every day magic.

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