Recently my two-year granddaughter demonstrated what she had learned at her nursery school, emphasizing by pointing her finger and yelling STOP! NO! MINE! I was stunned! Imagine the difference for all of us who were abused as children if we had been taught that we have every right to tell any one who puts their hands on us in a way that violates what is private and ours had better back off.

Wise parents assures their children, boys as well as girls, that if anyone touches us in our sacred places, we should yell as loud as we can. We should tell a trusted adult and hopefully they will see that it doesn’t happen again. We should make sure our children learn self defense by discovering the power of yelling their mantra at the top of their lungs

A few days later I had a flashback, followed by a debilitating panic attack. Instead of holding my breath, I yelled over and over STOP! NO! MINE!

What have you found works for you?

3 Responses to “STOP! NO! MINE!”

  1. Cody and Mary Ellen says:

    She is so lucky to have you as a nana and a role model.

  2. Debra Samuel says:

    I love the way you responded, by repeatedly yelling the words of your granddaughter and reclaiming yourself in that moment. So powerful! I’m adopting those words as my new mantra for addressing similar circumstances. And I’ll also yell them at the top of my lungs (whenever and wherever possible…) Beats my whispered mantra of, “You’re not allowed in my world today”. STOP! NO! MINE!

  3. Pamela Jaye Smith says:

    Good for her and good for you, Nancy. Powerful words indeed and sure to help many others.

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