Textiles as Ritual

Weaving Powerful Sisterhoods

Ancient rituals have the power to transform the goddess in each of us. For me, it has always been immersed in the ritual of textiles.

I have ask myself – how can we use textiles as talismans for safely navigating these dangerous times?

One of the highlights of my decade in Asia was spending a month in a Thai weaving village. My role was to suggest textile designs the tourists would find appealing and ideas for running a weaving business.

The blanket the village women gifted me goes with me everywhere I travel and has been my meditation blanket for over 20 years.

Meditation Blanket

I was humbled to be invited to the cremation ceremony of a master weaver. Her family gently wrapped her in all her prized weaving and lit the wood coffin.

I was horrified until her friends explained she would have her weaving to comfort her in the afterlife. However I leave this life, my blanket is going with me!

What rituals resonate for you?


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