Crystal is a truth speaker and a peacemaker. She knew by the time she reached puberty that she was lesbian, making her abuse from her uncle particularly crazy making. She started boxing at 12, went pro in her 20s and has now settled into being an evangelist for young women learning to box. The non-profit she runs gives girls not just physical but spiritual power. Crystal is in a long-term lesbian relationship.

“The last man I went out with, before I came out, wore a trench coat, a bow tie and tennis shoes.”

Even people who don’t support a lesbian life style like hers respect her. Crystal gets along well with everyone in the group. When she misses a therapy session, the dynamics generally become more contentious.

Crystal’s secret from the world is that she gave birth to her uncle’s child at 13 and anguishes over giving up her baby. As soon as she left the hospital, she hit the road. From there she found stability and love with her two aunts, who encouraged her to become a warrior and follow her heart.

She has profound flashbacks about giving away her baby. She went into therapy because her grief was having a negative impact on her primary relationship. She passionately embraced the idea of “retraining her brain” as a way of dealing with her grief.