Nancy Harkrider


Nancy has been living and writing The Thriver Sisterhood since she was five. By the time she was 15 she had devoured all of Shakespeare’s First Folio, writing herself into Shakespeare’s strong female characters.

She now has boxes of journals, some powerfully painful, filling other journals as she soaked up cultures for 15 years, on trains, boats, bicycles and ox carts in Europe, Asia and Africa, making meaning of those cultures by observing them and creating dialogues in her journals.

Thriver Sisterhood would have never been written had Nancy not made a decision to go into group therapy. It took her falling apart during a live television talk show to find her redemptive path.  Nancy believes that those women in her group and her counselor are the reason she is thriving today.

Her experiences as a journalist, trainer/facilitator, writer and entrepreneur culminated in a senior role with a global team based in Asia whose mission is empowering emerging countries to lead and manage change.

Two years ago, that terrified child who wrote in her journal locked in a bathroom to get away from her stepfather, has found her public voice, immersing herself in screen writing and master classes.

From her home base in her Portland Oregon “tree house”, Nancy has dreamed about, then experienced immersive conversations and disagreements with her Thriver Sisterhood characters. It has been redemptive and, without question, a life changing experience. Nancy has a passion for jumping into things that frighten her including toying with the idea of sky diving.