A Ritual Scene From Thriver Sisterhood

If we take the light of this fire with us when we enter the darkness, we heal ourselves and help to lift up other women.


“These harmless looking little white pills are my demons. Love is friendship set on fire. My sisters keep me strong.”

Eliza opens a pill bottle and scatters the contents in the fire.


“I chose this box because it held the perfume my mother wore while she molested me. With the help of my sisters, I will outwit my fragrant flashbacks.”

Mia shreds the box, then scatters the pieces on the bonfire.


Stephanie unrolls an image of a coat hanger.


“Too many of us have experienced violently dangerous abortions. By symbolically destroying the coat hanger image, I take away its power over me.”

Crystal reaches in her bag, retrieving a piece of pink blanket.


“This is what is left of my daughter’s receiving blanket. Every night, I have kept it under my pillow,as I asked the universe to protect my baby girl.”

She rubs the blanket against her cheek then throws the blanket on the fire.

What would your trauma symbol be?