Mia’s father was a high-powered businessman who was never emotionally available. An only child, Mia’s abuser was her mother who was a recluse and who groomed her the way men groom children.

This was particularly confusing to Mia because she is heterosexual. When Mia was 12 and had her first boyfriend, her mother kicked her out of the house. Then a miracle happened for Mia. Her mother sent Mia to a commune where some family members lived. They embraced her and her life changed dramatically. When she told her aunt about the abuse her aunt believed her and she got counseling.

“I keep waiting for a man to fulfill me and it never happens. You would think I would learn.”

Her major traumas stem from the failure to believe in her right to thrive or be more discerning about the men she allows in her life.

While she was getting a degree in anthropology, she moonlighted as a black jack dealer, adapting a persona that was all attitude and sharp edges, when she is really an earth mother. Her highest priority is keeping her daughter safe. She fails to catch the warning signs that her new husband is a predator. Jade’s intuition was better and she calls him a creep.

Mia joined the sisterhood because she was having flashbacks about her mother and feeling enormous guilt because her mother had recently died asking for Mia. Mia refused to see her.