Four women who share the collateral damage of abusive childhoods
act with extraordinary humanness and bravery in search of their personal redemptions.

Instead of sad stories about stolen childhoods, this screenplay takes audiences into a world so rich that they root for these resilient survivors, hurt and cry with them, laugh with them and ultimately find themselves swept into a world of hope and possibilities with them.

Their road to redemption is strewn with setbacks including drug abuse, heart stopping phobias, sexual dysfunction and heart break when their beloved counselor Rachel dies of cancer, followed by dramatic breakthroughs the sisterhood never thought possible.

Eliza, the protagonist lives completely in a fabricated exterior life in order to escape the emptiness of her core. She is supported by her daughter, her boss and her cowboy lover but doesn’t come clean about her drug addiction until she joins Rachel’s support group.

The other three women in the sisterhood could not be any more different. Mia has a degree in anthropology but deals blackjack to support her daughter. Crystal and her lesbian partner teach boxing to teen-age girls. Stephanie runs a high-powered modeling agency and relishes keeping a stable of men at her beck and call.

The sisterhood bonds when Mia catches her new husband Biff trying to rape her daughter in a drama that will have audiences on their feet cheering.

Then the serious work of reframing their lives consumes the sisterhood. It is painful, perplexing, sometimes discouraging but includes light hearted episodes like the one in which Eliza revels her survival strategy of M&Ms to her new sisters.

In the third act, the sisterhood embraces new joy by creating their own redemption ritual. As they prepare for their full moon revels, Eliza goes for a hike and gets lost. Darkness falls and she is overcome by old fears and phobias. She feels Rachel’s presence. Sensing that help is on the way, Eliza falls into a deep dream in which she sees a vision of who she can become.


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