Always the consummate therapist, Rachel is calm, centered and known for her intuitive facilitator skills based on her deep knowledge of women who were abused as childern. She sees herself as an earth mother who is adept at sensing when survivors are ready for a breakthrough.

“If you use the power of imagery for anxiety and flashbacks, you can retrain your brain and begin to heal.”

Her clients find her to be a good listener who only steps in when the group interaction gets off track or has become cruel. Her hot button is the damaging inaccuracies about child abuse spread by the media. Everyone in her life personally and professionally has high regard for Rachel’s dedication and integrity.

She is reticent to talk about herself because she doesn’t want to be the center of attention. She has a booming laugh and cries with her clients. When Rachel reveals to the sisterhood that she was abused, she dissociates, looking down at her hands while the cadence of her voice changes dramatically.

Rachel acknowledges being terrified of heights and says that when she dies she hopes she can reincarnate instantly rather than going to heaven and “failing flying lessons”. She also says it would be heaven on earth if all her clients could realize their full potential as thrivers.

Rachel’s cancer has returned but she doesn’t reveal it until the sisterhood was making final plans for their retreat. The grief of her death is softened by the ways in which her presence was evidenced at the retreat, especially in the mythical rituals.