Stephanie is riding a wave of success as an entrepreneur who created her brand by choosing curvy models and multiple ethnicities. She is mentoring and financing a young woman she met at AA who has started a school for young models.

“Underneath all my bravado, there is a bad person who is afraid she will be found out.”

She knows how to make the most of her looks and her personality, turning heads wherever she goes. She doesn’t just flaunt her sensuality publically. She uses the affairs she has with powerful men to build her brand. The Stephanie “package” has been very intentionally created.

Stephanie wants to be liked but doesn’t have natural skills nor take the time to develop real friendships. She has begun to let her defenses down when she is in group therapy.

She is terrified of dark, tight places, a phobia she shares with Eliza. She has a bodyguard and drivers. Her keepers are always lurking in the background and vet her new lovers.

Her trauma stems from her abuser. When she was 12 she thought she was pregnant. Her stepfather used a coat hanger on her and she aborted. It left her unable to conceive.