Pam Smith

With a fierce resolve, willingness to face and heal the past, outrageous humor and determination to create a better future, this Thriver Sisterhood moves forward with joy, inspiring us all to thrive.

Pamela Jaye Smith, Hollywood mythologist, writer and producer

Spiritual systems of every culture and era have always used special teaching and rites of initiation to help individuals progress along the path of awareness, service, and enlightenment.

Many of these rites became religious rituals available to the general public, such as in the Catholic Church’s rites of First Holy Communion and Confirmation, the Vision Quest of native Americans and the Haj to Mecca for Muslims. Others spiritual teachings remained secret, available only to the select few who had undergone the rigors of discipline, training, and education in the Greater Mysteries of the Ageless Wisdom. These were enfolded in the secret rituals of the Mystery Schools of Eleusis, Mithras, the Kabala, Tibetan sects, Druids, the Yaqui Indians and many, many more.

These methodologies for enlightenment and the Wisdoms they held were shaped into characters and stories and passed along down the millennia as myths that embodied timeless information via allegory and archetypes, symbols and imagery.

Today we are privileged to reach behind the myths, to unmask the archetypes, to read the symbols, and to discover and use the truths and techniques of these ancient methods which are just as valid and valuable today as they were thousands of years ago.

One of the most powerful and effective — formerly secret — systems is that of the five ArchePaths. By exploring, balancing, and integrating the Warrior, Clergy, Scientist, Magician, and Lover concepts, principles, and actions within ourselves, we are able to become fully conscious humans — a goal of the Ageless Wisdom and all the Mystery Schools.

Each ArchePath ignites an aspect that is latent in all of us. And each of us usually holds several of the Paths on our own personal “energy grid” every day.

Pamela is a  Hollywood mythologist, international consultant-speaker, and award-winning writer-producer-director.