Debra Samuel

In her new role as our Engagement Activist with Thriver Sisterhood, Debra will champion our new Thriver projects that in her words, “must be grounded in the everyday magic of kindness and ordinary human connection to help us be resilient, to survive, and to thrive.”

In these dangerous times, her role will be essential.

Debra has deep personal experience with intergenerational trauma and childhood sexual abuse which guided her journey as she pursued a BA in Human Studies and with her work as a Certified Mental Health Peer Support Counselor and Family Engagement Specialist, partnering with vulnerable and marginalized people to facilitate and create community resources that empower parents and caregivers.

We are seizing this opportunity to generate that “ordinary magic” by building one another’s resilience through our engagement with the characters, stories, and connections available through Thriver Sisterhood.

Debra highly recommendations the work of Ann Masten.


Larry is the Executive Director of  reFrame Entertainment, focused on creative media (TV, film, music, books, and events) to help people re-frame their view of the world to see and experience new possibilities and options.

He describes his roles with Thiver Sisterhood as Ally, Advocate and Advisor.  Larry and Nancy have a 30-year friendship. They are engerized by the serendipity of migrating to a common passion for socially conscious film.

His background as a family therapist gives him the grounding to ask the insightful questions, encouraging our team to “think outside of the box” and guiding visionary thinking in a movement that can empower women who have been abused to thrive.


Lora is Nancy’s muse.  She has been involved with Thriver Sisterhood since it was conceived.  Her wisdom, her outrageous sense of humor and her beautiful heart have made it possible for Nancy to persevere and to ultimately thrive as she wrote her way to a socially conscious, female-driven screenplay. The fact that Lora has loved this journey as well makes it all the more magical.

As a humanist, Lora’s career in special education led her to become an advocate for students and adults with disabilities as well as their parents.

She is an exceptional project manager and will continue to be a pivotal member of the team as Thriver Sisterhood becomes a platform for empowering women who have been abused to restore their inner child.


Pam Smith

Pamela is a writer-producer-director with decades of experience in the media industries in Hollywood and organizations around the world. Pamela is a frequent jurist, panelist, and mentor for story contests, film festivals, and retreats. She helps people improve their projects, creations, and themselves using the Mythic Tools of themes, archetypes, and symbols.

She appears as a mythology expert on “Ice Age: Continental Drift”, “The Great Work”, “Forbidden Secrets”, Microsoft’s “Age of Mythology” game and the documentary “American Jedi”. Pamela Jaye consults on the beneficial use of myth, archetypes, and rituals in personal lives and for creative projects.

Her expertise and wisdom were pivotal to the success of Thriver Sisterhood. She is a  Hollywood mythologist, international consultant-speaker, and award-winning writer-producer-director.


Christina Carnoy

As an artist and a survivor/thriver of child abuse herself, Christina is committed to creating paintings that speak both to her and to others about the beauty that exists in the midst of this troubled world we live in.

Her compelling rendition of the Thriver Sisterhood is a heart grabber.  Christina has shared with us that creating this soaring art work and working with us has inspired her to begin her autobiography.

In Christina’s words, “I find time and time again that I am drawn to bright, saturated, transparent colors for my palette as these reflect my soul. In the many portraits I paint, I give each subject a dreamy, sweet face, faintly hopeful.”  See Christina’s unique art collection


Jon describes himself as a generalist who “goes where the client needs to go”, giving him a broad range of valuable experience.  Thriver Sisterhood views him as an essential member of our team, not only for his client-centric approach and his impeccable technical skills, but for his enthusiastic support of our mission.

He has worked on over 100 different websites of various compositions, and built dozens of them from the ground up. Jon really enjoys building these custom sites. Thriver Sisterhood’s  has benefited from his philosophy and his skills. As is true with ever member of our team, we couldn’t have done this without him.